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What's on at the cinema? October '16

Lot's of blockbusters coming this month!

Independence Day Returns - 5 Reasons We're Obsessed With the Apocalypse

With another apocalypse movie coming we ask, why are we so obsessed with the end of the world?

Finding Dory - 4 Reasons the Sequel Should Be Better!

After 13 years, we're finally getting a Finding Nemo sequel!

WARCRAFT: Things You Need to Know Before Watching

A whole new universe to learn about!

The Jungle Book – The New and the Old

A look at the differences between the old and new Jungle Book's

PULPmini April/May

Read our latest mini mag!

Movies to Look Forward to in 2016!

These releases are all rumoured to be coming out in China this year!

PULPmini Dec/Jan Edition

Read our latest edition of PULPmini

Pay with UnionPay on PayPal

Here's how to use your UnionPay card on PayPal!

We Have WeChat Pay!

Here's some useful information for those who don't yet use it!

PULPmini - What's On? Oct/Nov

Our mini magazine is back for the October/November issue! Read it here online!


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