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      本信息僅供醫學專業人士參考,如果您是醫學專業人士,請點擊確定后進入。 如果不是,請點擊取消。

      取消 確定

      Adhere to quality control, create superior products

      R&D team

      The R&D center of the Group continues to focus on the R&D of world-class innovative biological and chemical products under the leadership of Dr. Zhu Zhenping president of the R&D.

      The R&D center of the Group is committed to establish efficient team, pursue excellent scientific research innovation and provide diverse career development opportunities to attract, develop and train talents. The Group has established long-term cooperative partnership with many well-known colleges at home and abroad, constantly contributing to the R&D of innovative drugs and the training of international talents.


      Master degree or above accounts for more than 65%.