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      本信息僅供醫學專業人士參考,如果您是醫學專業人士,請點擊確定后進入。 如果不是,請點擊取消。

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      Adhere to quality control, create superior products

      Quality control

      3SBio always regards product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise.

      Product production and quality control are the core competencies of 3SBio. In order to ensure the high quality of products, 3SBio has always adhered to the principle of “Quality by Design”, and established a quality control system throughout the product development, production, testing, circulation, and use stages, and also developed detailed quality control procedures. And the continuous monitoring is given for the procedures.
      • Each raw material and excipient meet the standards and specifications of National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

      • The standards for each drug registration are consistently higher than those in European Union Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia

      • Each supplier strictly implements the strict regulations and quality requirements of 3SBio

      • Continuous monitoring is given through continuous online automatic detection system to ensure stable product quality

      • All production bases of the Group have obtained GMP certificates issued by NMPA