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      Products and services

      In 3SBio, meeting the needs of patients is the core of all actions.

      Our global list of drug combinations

      The following is a list of products listed by our company, which is only for medical professionals to refer to.

      Mandi (Minoxidil)

      Mendi-minoxidil tincture, which was certified by NMPA in 2001, belongs to OTC for hair loss and external use. It is the first product of the same kind in China. The national patent number is ZL200510115120.7. Minodil, the main ingredient of Minodil, is approved by the FDA of the United States for external use in the treatment of hair loss, which is widely recognized by the medical community.

      Indication Manufacturing base Dosage form & Dosage

      This product is suitable for the treatment of male alopecia (also known as seborrheic alopecia, androgenic alopecia) and alopecia areata.

      Zhejiang Wansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

      5% (60ml: 3g)

      5% (90ml: 4.5g)