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      Products and services

      In 3SBio, meeting the needs of patients is the core of all actions.

      Our global list of drug combinations

      The following is a list of products listed by our company, which is only for medical professionals to refer to.

      BYETTA (Exenatide injection)

      On October 11, 2016, we have entered into an exclusive license agreement with AstraZeneca to obtain the commercial rights of Byetta in China, which are valid for 20 years.

      Indication Manufacturing base Dosage form&Dosage
      The product is used to improve the glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes, which is suitable for those patients with poor glycemic control after single use of metformin, sulfonylurea or both AstraZeneca China Pen injector of 5 μg dose scale: 0.25 mg/ml, 1.2 ml/piece, single injection of 5 μg, containing injection dose for 60 times;
      Pen injector of 10 μg: 0.25 mg/ml, 2.4ml/piece, single injection of 10 μg, containing injection dose for 60 times.