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      本信息僅供醫學專業人士參考,如果您是醫學專業人士,請點擊確定后進入。 如果不是,請點擊取消。

      取消 確定

      3SBio will always be committed to guiding and
      leading each employee to the career success

      Why choose 3SBio

      Whether you are a graduate or an experienced professional, if you are interested in contributing to the development of Chinese biopharmaceuticals, 3SBio Group is the stage for you to display your talents.

      Every day, our team members are committed to understanding the clinical needs of patients, innovating the development of breakthrough drugs, and serving the doctors and patients with care. Due to the peculiarity in the pharmaceutical industry, the enthusiasm and determination of employees are crucial to 3SBio’s success.

      More than 4,000 brothers and sisters look forward to your joining. We hope that we can let the world see the “intellectualism” of Chinese biological drugs and present to the world a fast-developing three-dimensional coordinate system for China’s biopharmaceutical industry, allowing Chinese people to feel excited and proud for the achievement in major core technology innovation and domestication of modernized pharmacy!

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      If you are determined to make a contribution to people's healthcare,
      we are your best choice to join in.

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